Nope.  Not yet.  But I took some.

Inet is ~ .1 to .3 MB/second upload speed and the connection drops out after about 30 seconds. It might take minutes to post an entry like this.

With a good connection I could search the web for info to copy and paste and make the blog much more interesting.  It reminds me of the problems I had posting in Myanmar, Nepal and Tibet.

But I had a nice dinner at Abdoula’s home, smoked some apple/tobacco in a hooka, stepped around piles of horse shit – literally, saw how ancient Egyptians made paparyus paper, drank tea, fed the cats my chicken bones after dinner, watched the pyramid light show, played with Abdoula’s grandkids (they were facinated by my ponytail),  met one daughter and 2 sons and had a generally relaxing, social and enjoyable evening.




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