Rest Day 4/29/2016

“All Of My Life”

All of my life, I’ve been searching
For the words to say how I feel.
I’d spend my time thinking too much
And leave too little to say what I mean
I’ve tried to understand the best I can
All of my life.

All of my life, I’ve been saying sorry
For the things I know I should have done
All the things I could have said come back to me
Sometimes I wish that it had just begun
Seems I’m always that little too late
All of my life

Set ’em up, I’ll take a drink with you
Pull up a chair, I think I’ll stay
Set ’em up, cos I’m going nowhere
There’s too much I need to remember, too much I need to say

All of my life, I’ve been looking
But it’s hard to find the way
Reaching past the goal in front of me
While what’s important just slips away
It doesn’t come back but I’ll be looking
All of my life

Set ’em up…

All of my life, there have been regrets
That I didn’t do all I could
Making records upstairs, while he watched TV
I didn’t spend the time I should
It’s a memory I will live with
All of my life.

“All Of My Life” by Phil Collins


Taking a rest day today.  Charging batteries in everything – in me, the camera, the iPhone and the iPad.  Writing.  Researching Egypt on the web and in my Fodor’s Egypt book – where I have been, where I will go next.

As I started to write, I played some music on the mini speaker from the iPod.   The Phil Collins song above started playing.  I replayed it three times.

“All my life, I’ve been searching….”

Laying in bed, looking out the window at the great pyramid with the clipity clop of horse hooves on the street below (on the new mattress that was placed on my bed frame yesterday after I made a passing comment to Abdoul that I had not slept well on the 2″ thick mattress).  Outside it a beautiful day but I just want to be alone and avoid the touts and their incessant efforts to get my attention and money.

Had a light breakfast on the rooftop (no more falafalas) with Luis and met some of the new travelers – the muslim attorney from Virginia with his wife and three young children, the 34 year old female that works for the TSA in New York and is traveling alone……….. All kindred minds.

“Set ’em up, I’ll take a drink with you

Pull up a chair, I think I’ll stay
Set ’em up, cos I’m going nowhere
There’s too much I need to remember, too much I need to say”

I have already spent over an hour attempting to upload this post.  It takes forever, if at all.

Just before quitting to try to upload anymore, Luis knocked on my door and we left to get some lunch.  It was just after 1 PM- but the restaurant was closed – for midday prayers.  We stopped at a little place for a bottle of water and to wait for prayers to end and started the traveler’s dance.  2 waters.  How much?  We agreed on 5 Egyptian pounds per bottle or $0.50 per botle.  I gave him a 50 pound note, wanting 40 pounds in change.  He brought out 2 big 1.5 liter bottles and tried to give me 10 pounds or $1.00 in change, so he was attempting to charge me $4.00.  I said no, he said yes.  No….yes.   He lamely explained there were no little botles of water available – only big bottles.  I threatened to leave and go to the next stall down the street.  Give me back the 50 pound note.  I will go over there for small bottles of water.  Finally, he/I agreed to one big bottle for 10 pounds, with 40 pounds in change.  What a hassle just to drink some water.

Luis and I went to a restaurant for some fish.  Had a nice salad, bowl of soup full of fish, calamari and shrimp, a canned cold pommegrate drink and brown rice for just under $8.00.





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