Trip Advisor Review

I am a 62 year old experienced solo traveler (not a tourist) and have spent approaching  a year traveling in 2nd and 3rd world countries.

I spent a over week at Venus in May 2016 and my stay was exceptional. The staff provided advice and help that saved me hundreds of dollars and more than offset the 3 star rating. Egypt can be challenging for independent, non package tour travel, but the staff at Venus helped me negotiate the Egyptian maze and bypass the touts – saving me time, money and frustration while ensuring my safety, security and enjoyment.

I was met at the train station by the owner, Abdoul, and he provided valuable advice and assistance in every aspect of my Luxor experience. Venus provides free transportation to and from the train station and around town and they arranged private tours with excellent guides and transport to the tourist sights at reasonable prices. They arranged non tourist experiences that allowed me to see and feel the heart and soul of the Egyptian people and the real Luxor. I experienced the real Egypt – not the packaged tour Egypt that tourists see sitting in a bus.

The free breakfast was healthy and filling. Dinner is available and is fresh and cheap. There was good a/c, hot water, cable tv, Wifi, a clean room, clean towels and bedding – all in a safe and secure location 10 meters from the entrance to the souk row. To avoid paying too much for something you want, ask the staff before buying anything, even a watermelon.

The best reason to stay at Venus is for the help and assistance. Do not be afraid to get to know the owner – he is warm, friendly and honest. I went to the owner’s home and had dinner, meeting his children and grandchildren. Invitations to dinner are frequent in Egypt – and often there are ulterior motives – like your money – but the offer from Abdoul was heartfelt and honest.

If you wish to escape the chaos of the streets of Luxor, go up the rooftop patio in the evening. There is a refrigerator in the dining room to keep you food cold and you can prepare your own meal in the large kitchen. And, Venus will also do your laundry for free!!

Kalhef, AKA Jimmy, also speaks excellent english and is very willing to help, as is Ali, who is learning english.

All in all, Venus was a wonderful experience and I would not hesitate to return.


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