Giza 5/16/16 9:00 AM

Back in Giza at the Pyramid View B&B, after a one hour fifteen minute flight on a EgyptAir Boeing 737-800.

Flight was pretty full but still was able to get out of my assigned seat and get an empty row to myself.  Slept.  Tired.


The hotel lives up to it’s name.  Had a light breakfast, turned on the a/c, and then CNN to see the most recent news about the blowhard.

Time for a nap.

Will stay 2 nights here at PV and then move to a hotel in downtown Cairo.  Will then start hanging out with Moro and his friend Kevin, also visiting from PDX.  It should be a hoot.

Will go up to Alexandria with them.


Will depart for Morocco in a week



2 thoughts on “Giza 5/16/16 9:00 AM

  1. Byron,
    Man, you are having a great time, aren’t you? You do seem to have a great knack for getting to know the locals, and it has served you well on each of your trips it seems. As usual, pictures are priceless. I was not aware that the Russian airliner crash had such a detrimental effect on tourism in Egypt. Were you aware of that before you set out? You know, most of the concept of being a “believer” is that you don’t take everything that is said at face value. For instance, maybe the parting of the Red Sea was really just a very tiny cove off the Red Sea, or maybe it was a smaller body of water that was near the Red Sea. The lesson learned is that you don’t fuck with God! On that note, I must get back to work. Speaking of notes, the Blues hockey team is doing very well in the Stanley Cup playoffs. They are starting the third round against the San Jose Sharks, and won the first game last night. Go Blues! Looking forward to your next installment, keep safe, Love Spanky


    1. I love other opinions, comments and points of view!!! That is why I blog and write.

      It was just a stab at some satire. Curious if anyone was listening to what I was ‘a sayin’.

      Every religion is full of and based on allegories.

      I was just shaking the tree.

      Solo travel is fun, adventeurous – it feeds my soul like nothing else I have tried, and I have tried many things.

      But comments, feedback and notes from the homeland, mean much more.

      It is hard to explain adequately.

      Go Blues!!!


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