May 20, 2016. Alexandria.

Please, Relax……

Think more about my blog than the knownothings you watch on TV.

In the USA, people get shot by crazy Americans when going to baptist churches, to McDonalds or going with their girlfriend to see a new  Batman movie.

Dozens of first grade children were killed in a New Hampshire school a year ago and soldiers have been killed on army bases.

30,000 Americans are killed in car crashes annually and there are over 11,000 firearm homicides a year in the US, usually by someone they know.  Almost all of the killers are Americans.

Hundreds of Americans die every year when they fall down stairs in their own home.

Do you you tell your friends and family to be careful every time they go to church, to McDonalds, to a movie, drive to the store or just plain walk down a set of stairs?

Please do not implore me to be careful.  You should be careful in America.

I spent almost my entire career imploring people to “Be Safe.”  I think I understand the concepts of safety better than most people.  I have a fucking M.S. in Safety, for heaven’s sake – and this is not my first international rodeo.

I am having a wonderful time with the amazingly hospitable Egyptian people.

Stop watching the news.




From Alexandria, overloking the Mediterranean Sea, at 4:55 PM on May 20, 2016.


On walkabout,



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