I Was Wrong

About where the medina and all the souks were.  It was directly behind the hotel.  When I set out after the last post I went in the opposite direction from where I had walked earlier today…….and bingo….. I was in the heart of the souks.

Shoes, dresses, luggage, shirts and more.


It was a pleasant experience compared to the ‘Hey Mister’ harranging of Luxor.  There was little sales pressure and initial prices seemed reasonable, but a tad high.  The explosion of colors was like eye candy. Took pics with the iPhone (the ones in this posting) and with the 25 meg pixel mirrorless Sony, which I am starting to love.

It started to get dark.  Both my guidebook and the man at the hotel desk cautioned against walking in the souk area at night, so I started walking towards where I thought the hotel was.

It was like a maze and I was the rat. I was hopelessly lost.

I walked with more deliberation and confidence, something I learned reading Paul Theroux.  It is hard to ‘walk tall’ in sandals, but I tried.

Without the map app on the iPhone I would still be there, wandering helplessly.

Stopped where I had dinner last PM and bought a 16 ounce fresh squeezed orange juice, added 3 ounces of vodka in my room and sat in the lobby and made this post.


As I will be busy tomorrow morning heading south by train, I will add this now, but it would be a better post tomorrow.
Marrakesh Express

By Graham Nash
Looking at the world

Through the sunset in your eyes

Trying to make the train

Through clear Moroccan skies

Ducks and pigs and chickens call

Animal carpet wall to wall

American ladies five foot tall in blue

Sweeping cobwebs from the edges of my mind

Had to get away to see what we could find

Hope the days that lie ahead

Bring us back to where they’ve led

Listen not to what’s been said to you

Would you know we’re riding

On the Marrakesh Express

Would you know we’re riding

On the Marrakesh Express, they’re taking me to Marrakesh

All on board the train, all on board the train

I’ve been saving all my money just to take you there

I smell the garden in your hair
As performed by  Crosby Stills Nash


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