Becoming A Better Person




3 thoughts on “Becoming A Better Person

  1. Every street looks so clean. Wish we could have that here. American Pigs! More like inconsiderate bastards. Boy am I cynical lately. Must be the election coming up; vote for the lesser of two evils. Pictures look wonderful. Colors are so vibrant. Take care, Spanky


    1. There is still more trash everywhere than in the US. And people (I’m not talking about the government here) are constantly attempting to overcharge for everything and anything if you are a tourist. Hotel owner shorted me 100 dinars ($10.00 USD). After returning to my room, I counted my change and checked exchange rates then went down and challenged her. She agreed, gave me a 100 dinar note but did not apologize, which told me it was not an error. Then she said she would call a cab (for a dollar) to take me to dinner and a few beers – for $7.00. I insisted on a metered cab. The metered rate was $0.85 but the cabbie insisted on $2.00. Thieves, almost everyone but Moro and his wonderfully gracious friends/family, and Nabil, the Osiris Hotel Owner that helped me ship my package home – seems that someone is always reaching into my pocket.

      After dinner I walked the 1.5 miles back to the hotel then asked the owner for an OJ, and offered her nothing but a thank you.

      Do not get me started on our politicians. What happened to the good old days with honest folk like Nixon, Agnew, Tom Delay, J Jackson Jr, Blokovitch,



  2. No shortage of thievery everywhere, but truly beautiful souls like Moro come along now and then and you are all the richer for knowing them-and faith in humankind is restored-


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