Just Made The Train

Up early, said goodbye to Essaouira, then off on the 120 km drive to Mkech to return the car and catch the train.  

The rental car lady took an agonizing 45 minutes to meet me at the train station parking lot, leaving me just 25 minutes to get a ticket and board the 12:45 train.  I needed cash and the ATM was only operating in French.  Luckily, I am quite familiar with the buttons to push for money after lots of practice. Then a long line for a ticket to Fes – an 8.5 hour train trip for $31.00.  

The train left at 12:45 PM, right on time.  I was just getting settled in the first class compartment and still sweating heavily from all rushing as the train departed. 

Will arrive in Fes at 8:20 PM and do not yet have a room booked.  Need to work on that, I guess.  I call it ‘hot packing’.  Somehow, the less I plan, the better it seems to work out.  Let’s see what happens.

Enjoyed the freedom of a car the last 5 days, so will get another one and explore northern Morocco.  Have heard and read good things about the region and the infamous Rif Mountains, so will give it a good effort.   

Ramadan looms.


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