Way Up Here

North Western Scotish Highlands.  Nice.  Remote.  Quaint.  Nice drive.

Was it me or the camera that was out of focus?

Left the hostel in Inverness in AM 7/3 and first headed north then west, into the Highlands.  Drove 38 miles on a one lane road, with hundreds of pullouts or laybys.

Found a small B&B on yhe coast with a shared shower and a bathroom just across the hall.  Small room, but all I need and just 39 quid.  Have driven over 1200 miles in the UK since leaving Exeter, on big highways, small hedge row lined lanes and forest lined roadways.  Hundreds of roundabouts.

Much nicer here in northern Scotland.  Open scenery with vistas (not like England where it seemed all views – everywhere – were a private thing).

 Met a friendly couple tonight – my first encounter after the brother /sister couple at Stonehenge.  Drank, talked, went to their van for a smoke then back to the bar and some scotch.  Good folk.  Social workers.  Travelers.  Tom had a ponytail.  She gave good hugs.


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