I have wanted to make this post for 24 hours and thoughts keepin’ drifting around my dimented brain about something substantial, real, believable after my failed quest for where the Red Sea was parted.

I felt defeated.  A failure.  All this distance traveled, just to be disappointed.  Why am I here?

I needed comfort.  Something substantial, real, something to believe in, like hope.  Arabs would say inshallah or god willing.

I think about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

But it hardly ever rains in Egypt, so where is the rainbow in solo travel?

After considerable thought, contemplation and factual analysis, I set out, with my driver, to satisfy my desires.


Just what is Mc D’s like in Egypt?

i was greeted by an Egyptian in a uniform that asked “How may I serve you.”

I was comforted, immediately.

After ordering a #1, I was asked “combo? ” and then “Supersize”?

Again, comforted.


I analyzed the meal.  Tastes like beef.  From where?



“Do you ever serve Mc Rib?  You know, pork ribs”.  

I was srared at blankly.  I guess not.

Good fries.