Inet dx: All Good

5/11/16, 4PM

Think I now have it figured out.  I can now use my iPhone to access map apps, access the inet, skype, upload pics, download info, etc.  Again, without Moro’s assistanc and friendship, I would be fucked.

While at Abu Simbal today, 5/11/16, after a quick call to my unbelievable friend Moro, he bought me 7 gigs of data for my phone.  I am set.  Many thanks and three cheers for Moro.  Rah, rah, rah!!!


One of the problems was the settings on my phone (you need to be an Apple engineer to understand the functions of all the settings and their ramifications  (remember an iPhone is many times more powerful than the computers aboard the Apollo missions to the moon) but I still own AAPL stock and love their products.

I was using my iPhone as a hotspot to my iPad.  I would shoot pics with my new Sony mirrorless camera (25 megapixel per photo) then using a little dongle device, transfer the pics from the camera SIM card (64gb) to the iPad, which immediately recognized them as new and started uploading them, via the phone, to my web hosted icloud account.  The data allotment on my phone went to zero in no time transferring hundreds of high resolution pics to icloud.  When the data allotment went to zero on my Egyptian SIM card,  I was stranded with no inet and could not use the net to research solutions. I was forced to use the trickle inet at the hotel or on the ship.   I could not use skype, because that is via the web.  I was handcuffed.  I could make and receive calls in Egypt since phone usage (minutes) is different than data (mb or gb) and I had plenty of phone minutes, also thanks to Moro.  There is more to the story, but will leave it at that.

So, I am now revising all previous posts as time allows.  Adding pics, correcting errors, adding background info pulled from the web.


A similar thing happened last walkabout, which is why I received a $450.00 phone bill from tMobile after taking pics in Turkey and Nepal which were uploading to icloud via tMobile roaming – before I purchased a Nepali SIM card.

Such are the trials and tribulations of travel.


Yesterday I was at Abu Simbel, on Lake Nasser, 30 miles north of Sudan.  Have now traveled overland all of the Nile from Cairo to Abu Simbel.  Wiil finish the length of the Nile when I go with Moro to Alexandria next week.


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