The News

I get all the news I need from Google News.  No radio and no TV for the last week.  Lucky me.  Unfortunate you.

Good News:

Back home, far, far away, there are Americans that think with their brains, not just with robotic allegiance to party affiliation.  I read the following on CNN:

“I would support a random name in the phone book” over Trump, said Philip Zelikow, a University of Virginia history professor who was a State Department official in the George W. Bush administration.
Retired Army Col. Peter Mansoor plans to vote for Hillary Clinton for president this year, but not because the longtime Republican and former top aide to then-Gen. David Petraeus has had a political conversion. He just thinks Republican Donald Trump is too dangerous to be president.  

“It will be the first Democratic presidential candidate I’ve voted for in my adult life,” said Mansoor, a professor of military history at Ohio State University.

The bad news:

  • Millions of Americans are not as smart as Zelikow and Mansoor.
  • I departed PDX 4/23, so I have been on walkabout for 38 days or so.  I will soon be approaching the midpoint of my walkabout.
  • Things will start getting more expensive as I enter Spain, France and the UK.

    From Tata to Essaouira.  Was in the middle of nowhere.

    Still another rug shop.

    Goats climbing an olive tree for a meal.  At least a dozen were in the tree.  They climbed around the tree like spiders.

    Wild olive trees were everywhere.

    Middle of nowhere.

    My second rug.  Handmade, natural wool and dyes.  Took months to make.  Intricate.


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