A Little Detour

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

From Chiang Rai went north by van to the border with Myanmar or Burma.  Met a guy named Tom and to make a long story short, we matched up with a guide from Myanmar and took a 7 day excursion north168 kilometers to KengTung then east 80 kilometers east to the China border.  6 nights in Myanmar.

3 days worth of my daily writings mysteriously disappeared, but I am working on recreating them.  I am now safely back in Thailand on New Years Eve.  A hot shower really felt good.

This entry will be some of my pics the last 7 days.  Have taken about 1000 so far.  Will develop and post more text as soon as possible.

Will spend New Years Eve here in Mae Sei, over looking Myanmar, 60 yards to the north of my balcony.

View from my balcony north into Myanmar, 60 yards to the north.

Keng Tung is about in the middle of the map

Standing in China

Building a road by hand

Bus ride to Keng Tung with Tom

Slim, our guide, having a $1.50 breakfast

We traveled about 50 miles in the back of this tuktuk


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