Back in Mae Sei

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Made the border crossing back into Thailand uneventfully on 12/31, then checked into the same hotel I had a week ago. The rooms on the north side of the hotel overlook Myanmar, 60 yards to the north.

Myanmar to the north 60 yards from my balcony.
I was anxious to get back into Thailand.  My cold started getting worse. Had cold sweats and an incessant cough on the 5 hour bus ride from Keng Tung to the Mae Sai border crossing.  
At check in at the hotel they could not find my backpack which I had left when entering Myanmar.  I had only taken clothes for 3 days and ended up staying for 7, so I was grungy and really neded some clean clothes.  After about 30 minutes they finally found it.  Honestly, I wasmore interested in a shower than clean clothes.  In Myanmar the only hot water was solar…so you took a shower at at 4 PM not in the AM.  Water was too cold in the morning.  
Went to the room, gave Slim a pair of tennis shoes that were excess baggage and wished him safe travels.  He did a great job.  My 1/2 of his guide fee for 7 days was about 3500 Baht – about $140.00 US including the 1000 Baht tip.  I gave him the 4500 Bhat and all the extra Kyats I had – about $6.00 worth.  
Showered, put on some clean clothes then cold really set in.  It was all I could do to go to the lobby to pay for the room one” more night thenext day.    Otherwise, never left bed other than to grope my way to the bathroom.  Cold sweats, chills, a deep cough and a headache.  I was hurtin, but at least I was in Thailand were healthcare is much much improved over Myanmar.

Hotel lobby.
Went out on the streets on New Years Eve, after taking a shower to experience the evening.    It was a zoo.  Did not see another westener but there were thousands of Thais.  A rock band was blaring, there were stage lights, video screens, food stalls, clothing stalls, almost all young Thais, etc., about like a venue in the US.
Ordered what looked like a sausage, but it was actually rice stuffed into sausage casing.  After 45 minutes of wandering around went back to my room and spent a miserable next 36 hours in bed.


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