Blog Feedback From John

I have never met or spoken to John.   A friend (two or three times removed) of a travel friend that I met at the Bamboo Nest in northern Thailand –

Feedback and support make the blogging effort worthwhile.

An excerpt from one of our email conversations…..



Need to revise my take on your posts…not just heroin…..more like f’n BLACK TAR heroin for travel junkies-check for your posts twice a day-like a junkie waiting for my next fix-addicted to the rich details-from the cracked windshield to the facial features of the innkeeper-even without photos-the imagination fills in the voids and creates images to go with your comments-are you a historian or anthropologist? You blog is light years better than just about any other travel blog I regularly follow-once again you made me laugh with your Canadian comments……………..


3 thoughts on “Blog Feedback From John

  1. Hey Byron,
    Sorry, finally got on your blog site. I won’t be so tardy in the future; I know that you relish my posts ALMOST as much as I enjoy your blogs. Absolutely fascinating accounts of travel in Southern Egypt. We really don’t know how lucky we are, do we? Any chance you could download your pictures to me on an SD Card and mail them to me? Snail mail, not email. Better than using up all of your MB, eh? Oh well, keep in touch. Will be thinking about you and praying for your safe journey. Luv, Spanky


    1. Spanky,

      I do relish your and all posts and comments. Posts and comments the only connection to my real life, real friends, etc. I miss you all and anxiously await emails, text messages, whhatsap connections. I often have down time and like to think about home, weather, fishing stories, politics, etc. With no newspapers, limited tv and limited inet it makes me feel like I am on the other side of the world in a 2nd or 3rd status nation. I often have nothing to do but play games with the touts, and it is tiring.

      Will be glad to share all pics upon return. With 1500 photos taken in 2 weeks, by the end of the entire journey I may have near 10,000 pics. I would be glad to share with you.


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