May 31, 2016

All good.  Will post pics and a story or two later.  Got a ticket by an unfriendly policeman.  Not wearing my seat belt.  Had just stopped to check the price at a hotel ($44.00 with spa, pool, massages, facials, etc.) and had driven just 100 yards.  In my haste, I had not yet put it on, after wearing it constantly for 600 miles of travel in the desert and mountains.  Se la vie, as the locals would say.

I was in some remote, wild, out the way places on the drive between Tata and Essaouira on the Atlantic coast, where I am now.

Accidentally locked my phone’s SIM card, rendering my phone useless.  A friendly policeman helped with the unlocking process..

Room is 150 yards from the ocean, only $20.00 a night.  This is the view as I walk out the door of my room.  Feels Moroccan, with clean sheets, a decent mattress, lots of noise from gulls.  No towels, tp, soap or shampoo, but I travel prepared.  

Essaouira is much more to my liking than Agadir, to the south.  Agadir is like Cabo or Cancun.  Essaouira is an old hippie hangout that still has small town charm. The guys running the hotel are very friendly.  When told I am from America, they ask “New York?”  I always shudder then I explain that Oregon is north of CA.  I then draw a map of the US on one of the 3X5 note cards I always carry.  Everyone is interested in the U.S.

I much prefer the Medina ans souk shopping here vs. Marrakech.   Will stay several days.

Just had to stop and take pics when I saw these goats climbing an olive tree for a meal.  There are about a dozen goats in the tree, if you enlarge and look close.  They were climbing around like spiders.


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